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It’s great to be an Indian, born in Marathi state Maharashtra, as a Gujarati, learn Hindi in a school as a subject and to graduate learning subejcts (except language, we must confess) taught in English. That’s four languages learnt as you grow to be a pro! English, Hindi, Marathi and off course, Gujarati.
At Mangrol Multimedia, we are proud to belong to Mumbai, India. Our city, state and lifestyle have groomed us as professionals and also as hardworkers, thinkers and achievers.
Most importantly, we are a team of people who respect others.
Our knowledge is our source of work, joy and satisfaction.
We love to write, translate, transcreate to give meaning to every letter.
So is our passion for designing for print and digital media and also for providing web and social media solutions.
We would be glad to make you happy and saisfied with our services:

Original writing | Translation | Trans-creation | Designing: print and digital | Branding | Social media Welcome!

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