It’s only when we watch a Rajkumar Hirani film that we smile, laugh, cry, feel touched and even get enlightened… all at once! As a critic, I must confess, I have long lost this truly human interest in films, rather Hindi films, because I don’t know how many craps in life. But watching a Rajkumar Hirani film recharges me, reinforce faith in our cinema. Hats off to Hirani, and I bet that every Indian would love watching his PK once, and twice and thrice… why?
I am surely not going to discuss story here. For, watching it knowning its core theme is what everyone is excited to know today, but as a movie buff, I recommend you to watch it instead of reading about its story. PK is not a film. It’s a celebration of true cinema. A man called PK… oh, how intelligently he gets christened so, and Jagat Janani aka Jaggu, and the rest of important characters, are so imaginatively woven with the film’s duration of 153 minutes! From Belgium to a small village called Mandava in Rajasthan to New Delhi, the films excellent craft takes into its lap so carefully, so lovingly and so affectionately!
And what an outstanding style Hirani’s is that, like all his previous films, every frame, colour, progression and object become a character instead of mere props! Like we all had experienced earlier with Munnabhai films and 3 Idiots, PK too sways us fully in totallity. Its music too proves a very integral part of the entire narrative, though one must say that a couple of songs could have certainlly be avoided. Barring such a few downs, PK is a gem of cinematic experience. The song, Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu, will surely moist every viewer’s eyes!
And what to say about Aamir Khan? No other actor of this entire nation could have done justice to PK the way Aamir Khan has done. Anushka Sharma is also so good that she is remains Jaggu throughout and never lets a watcher feel she is Anushka.
The first half, if one tries to compare the two acts, is superior while in the second half, the most fascinating stuff comes as the film moves towards the climax.
There are so many things I really wish to write here, especially because they are really worth talking about, but I don’t want to spoil anyone’s joy excitement before watching the film. My simple suggestion is: go, watch it at the earliest and you’d certainly swear to watch it again.
Now, coming to that so-called critic-wallah duty… how many stars?
For me, the film deserves more than five stars. Why not? Is so many stupid, glossy films, made by certain banners and makers and so becomes eligible for undue four and a half or full five stars, while they really don’t deserve so such accolades, PK is far ahead of them in each and every department. Most importantly, it made me smile, laugh, cry, feel for my loved ones and also touched me many times when I offered it my precious 153 minutes!
Rajkumar Hirani’s PK deserves as high appreciation, if not more, as James Cameron’s Avatar!
Love you, sir, you are the right number of my dearest Bollywood!

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